ZIP Password Recovery

If you forgot or lost the ZIP file password the ZIP password recovery tool will help you recover the ZIP password in no time.

What is ZIP Password Recovery?

ZIP Password Recovery is an advanced ZIP password remover software which helps to recover or crack the downloaded or received document files that are password protected. It is a powerful ZIP password cracker that helps the user to recover lost or forgotten passwords for the archives of ZIP/WINZIP/7ZIP and supports all of their versions. It runs efficiently on all Windows platforms.

Who Should Get A ZIP Password Recovery?

This ZIP password unlocker is a recovery utility which is essential for every user as they come across with ZIP file formats that are password protected. It also has a friendly and comprehensive graphical user interface. So if you have lost or forgot the password of any ZIP file and wondering if there are any 7z or WinZip password remover available for easy ZIP password unlocking then ZIP Password Recovery  is a solution for you.

[Effective]Recover Zip Password

  • It helps in recovering the lost and forgotten archives of ZIP/winzip/7zip which are encrypted.
  • Regardless of how the ZIP file is compressed or what encryption methods it used on the file, itcan easily unlock the password-protected ZIP files.

[Fastest] High-Speed Recover with Advance Technique

It will work faster on the computer that has more CPU cores as it will accelerate the process of recovering the password will increase magnificently on the multi-core CPU.

[Safe] Auto-save and Resume Zip Password Recovery Process

It is reliable for that it automatically saves the recovery process if the user accidentally shutdown the recovery tool or accidentally shutdowns the computer. The next time user runs the tool the zip file recovery will be resumed from the similar state it was interrupted at. So the user can use it without any worry.

[Powerful] Using 4 Password Recovery Attacks

This ZIP password cracker provides all four attack methods that are necessary for fast unlocking the password-protected ZIP archives. Below are the four powerful password attack methods.

1. Mask Attack

Allows users to type in some of the password characters in the tool if the user partially remembers anything from his old password or allows the user to set a parameter with the help of letters, numbers, or special characters. This method then makes different combinations of all the given information to unlock the password-protected ZIP file.

2. Dictionary Attack

It has the in-built password dictionary from which the tool tries to unlock the ZIP file from the words in its dictionary. Here user does not have to input any hint or set any parameters. If the ZIP password recovery was unable to unlock the password then the user can modify the dictionary’s text file by adding or removing the words.

3. Brute-Force Attack

It is the most used attack type for password recovery. In the Brute-force method, it tries to search for each combination of characters by using the two features of Range and Length. In Range and Length features the user specifies the max or min length of the password and if the password contains digits. This will fast the Zip password recovery process.

4. Smart Attack

If the user does not have any clue about the password than the smart attack method is the way to go. The Smart attack method tries to crack the password by using the default values in the Range and Length feature. This attack method then tries all combinations until it cracks the password for your encrypted ZIP file.

[Easy] 3 Steps to Recover Zip Password

After installing the ZIP Password Recovery  on your computer you just have to follow these 3 simple steps given below to recover the password easily:

  • 1- From the tool, simply import the encrypted ZIP file that you want to recover.
  • 2- Now choose the right attack type from the four attack methods: Smart attack, mask attack, brute-force attack, and dictionary attack that fits to recover the ZIP password.
  • 3- Click on the start button to start the process which will recover the ZIP archive in no time.

ZIP Password Recovery Is Recommended by More Than 10,000 Users Worldwide

Aston Nunez
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This zip password recovery tool can’t get any better. I use a shared laptop with my colleague and we have to protect our files using the zip archives. I usually put different passwords on each file and note it down on a text file which was also password protected. But recently I lost the text file as my colleague accidentally deleted it. As it is impossible to remember the password for each file, I searched online if it is possible to recover passwords of zip files and I found the ZIP Password Recovery which works wonders for me
Alba Wayne
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The zip password cracker was recommended to me by a friend. I don’t know much about computers and hesitate to use new applications but after installing this software I did not need any help to use it as all are self-explanatory. This software is great.
Sarah Edwards
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Much needed software tool. This application does exactly what it needs to do. Awesome 7z password cracker.
Sebastian Zac
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I use to download software and games from third-party websites which is somehow is also unsafe. Sometimes the software downloaded from the website surprise you with an encrypted zip file and tries to sell the password afterword. I purchased ZIP Password Recovery and it’s been helping me save my money and time ever since. I trust this utility and recommend it to every person who is looking to unlock their zip password archives.
Glenda Wright
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I use their software whenever I am in trouble losing my zip passwords. They have the most reliable software and I am just writing this review because they do not lie and deserve all the applause for their hard work for making our lives easy. I will recommend everyone to use the ZIP Password Recovery.

How to Use ZIP Password Recovery

If you have reached this far then you would have completely mastered in understanding the ZIP Password Recovery. All you need to know now how to use it to recover your lost or forgotten Zip password. In this part, we will show you the complete stepwise guide on how to use. To decrypt the encrypted ZIP files follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Download and Install

Download the Full/Trial version of the Standard package. Note that the trial version will only crack zip files passwords that are of 3 characters at maximum.Open up the downloaded .exe file. Simply follow instructions to agree on the license terms , set a destination folder, and finish the installation.

Note: Click on “Yes” if the Windows pop up any warning message during the installation process.

Step 2: Import the Password Protected ZIP file

After the installation is completed the ZIP Password Recovery will launch automatically from where you can start the process of unlocking your encrypted ZIP files.

Add encrypted Zip file for zip password recovery guide

On the interface, simply click on the “Open” button which will direct you to another dialog box from where you can navigate to your folder where you have kept your encrypted ZIP file. Simply click on the file and add it.

Step 3: Select Attack method to decrypt Zip file

Choose attack method to crack Zip password guide

Remember we discussed 4 advanced attack types . On the right of the Encrypted File option, you can see a “Type of attack” dropdown menu to choose the attack method.

In this article, we will take the Dictionary attack method as an example. The dictionary attack method is the method that helps crack the ZIP file by using the combinations in its built-in dictionary text file. You can either download the dictionary from the internet or create one of your dictionary text files and add it to ZIP Password Recovery . If the password is a Keyword then this might be the fastest password recovery attack method for you to unlock zip password.

Simply add the path by clicking on the “Select Dictionary” button. Now click on the “Start” button from the menu to start the recovery process.

Step 4: Recover your Zip Password

Zip Password Recovered guide

After the recovery process is complete you will see the following windows which will indicate that the password for the selected file has been recovered or may have been changed. Now you can simply click on the “Copy” button to copy the password on the clipboard. Simply paste the password to open up the Zip file. Click on the OK button to close software.

The Zip password recovery process just took 1 second if you are using the trial version to recover the file password with a max of 3 characters. It might take more time if the password is complex. So you can now use it to recover your precious data locked in the ZIP files.


1. What is the use of “Program Priority” in ZIP Password Recovery Options?

A: On your computer, each program running on it has an allocation granted to process the resources so changing the program priority gives you the control to change the processing speed of the resources. The programs are running at normal priority by default.

Background Priority: Choosing the background option the ZIP Password Recovery will not interrupt any other program running on your computer and it will normally work on the background as you use other programs. Hence, the attacking performance of the application will not decrease as well as the performance of other opened applications will not be interrupted.

High Priority: Choosing the High option means that the ZIP Password Recovery will take advantage of all the system resources available. This will decrease the performance of other applications opened on the computer and the software will work as fast as it can to recover the ZIP file password.

2. Does it support the latest version of WinZip/ ZIP/ 7zip?

A: It is the most updated zip password recovering utility available online which uses the latest technology to decrypt even the strongest password. It supports all the previous and latest versions of WinZip, 7zip, and Zip to recover their passwords easily.

3. What is the minimum or maximum system requirement to install ZIP Password Recovery?

A: It is capable of installing on the Windows version of Windows 7/8/8.1/Win10/Vista/XP/2000/2003/2008/2012/2016 with 32 bit or 64-bit processors. Other minimum requirements are:

  • 1 GHz processor but 2.4 GHz is recommended
  • Minimum 128 MB of RAM but 1 GB is recommended
  • At least 4 MB of free hard disk space is required

4. What will happen if ZIP Password Recovery accidentally closes down while in the recovery process?

A: It has a built-in feature to track the recovery record. If your application is closed accidentally then you do not have to worry about it as the recovery process has been automatically saved successfully and you can resume the recovery process again from the last state. This helps significantly in limiting the recovery time and helps to not start the process over again.

5. How the trial version is different from the full version?

A: In trial version allows users to recover the zip files that are protected with a maximum of 3 characters with no technical support. Whereas, the full version allows users to retrieve max length passwords of their encrypted zip files and also have the full technical support to help the user out from any confusion.

Get ZIP Password Recovery Now

If you have lost or forgotten your Zip file password, this amazing ZIP Password Recovery tool that can recover from the easiest to the most complex of Zip passwords using one of its 4 main attacking methods.