Word password recovery

What happens when you lose the password of Word file? Word Password Recovery is the perfect Word password remover that you need at this crucial times. It is 100% safe to use and gives satisfying results within seconds.

What is Word Password Recovery?

Word Password Recovery is software that successfully helps remove any Word document’s password in a span of a few seconds. It does this as a third-party tool, without compromising on the safety and privacy of the document. It is adaptable for Microsoft Windows version 1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, and 2019. 

Who Should Get Word Password Recovery?

Any individual struggling to get access to any Word document and yearning for a Word password breaker that can effectively help them to get rid of the trouble of not being able to access a document should get the Word Password Recovery as fast as they could. People who have not faced this certain trouble of not being able to access password protected files but deal with password-protected files on a regular basis should also get this software, so as to avoid any kind of hassle in the future and always be prepared with a solution if in case such trouble ensues.

Restore Word Password and Remove Restriction

Word Password Recovery enables the user to restore the password of any Word document that the user does not have. Providing the user with access to any Word file or document that was previously inaccessible for the user.

Recover Word Password with Advanced Technique Effectively

It has a highly developed Smart Recovery Algorithm with the help of which it is able to greatly improve its data processing and performance speed. Its smart GPU acceleration feature speeds up the recovery process, making recovery faster. These advanced techniques when it comes to quick processing gives Word Password Recovery an edge when it comes to its competitors. Making it the fastest Word file password remover software.

Support Read-only Access to Word Document

This MS Word password remover system supports read-only access to the documents which ensures 100% safety of the document as it does not require to completely access the document in order for it to effectively recover the password. This makes this software very reliable in an era where data breach due to unauthorized software’s and apps is very common.

100% Clean and Safe to Use

When it comes to the safety of our users, Word Password Recovery does not compromise on it at all. This software guarantees 100% safety of the data of its users and even their devices. This software is clean of any viruses or glitches, making it impossible for the users to face any kind of system malfunction or data breach due to the use of this software. Its read-only access feature also makes it completely safe to use since the software can not in any way affect/alter/edit the content of the document.

Auto-save Operation Status and Resume automatically

One very important feature of this software is its auto-save function that automatically saves the recovery progress so if in case, for any reason the user has to close running the software in the middle of a recovery operation, it can be resumed from the point where it stopped, when the user reopens the software. 

[Highest Recovery Rate] Recover with 4 Powerful Password Attacks

Its innovative technology provides 4 types of powerful Word Password Recovery attack options to choose from, depending on the strength and the characteristics of the password. The 4 attacks are Dictionary, Mask, Smart and Brute-force.

  1. [Dictionary attack] checks for all password combinations available from the dictionary;
  1. [Mask attack] works for incomplete passwords and guesses by putting a mask on the part of password that is not remembered;
  1. [Smart attack] type checks for all printable characteristics combinations;
  1. [Brute-force] uses the trial and error method till the password is found.

[Simple and Efficient] 3 Steps to Recover Word Password

Use with this Docx password remover can recover your document password in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Import Word document (or Docx).

Step 2: Select one option from 4 recovery types and set parameters.

Step 3: Start the operation. Just press the start button and wait for it to do its work.

Word Password Recovery Is Recommended by More Than 10,000 Users Worldwide

Emily Miller
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“This software has been a blessing for me! I am a college teacher in a very reputable institution. This one time I had to submit all my students’ data to the college’s academic performance check department at the end of the academic year. I had saved all the data I had collected throughout the year in an MS Word document and password protected it to ensure it cannot be hampered with by the students. However, I soon found myself regretting it as when the time for submission came I had forgotten my password. I was on the verge of being fired since the mishandling of data is taken very seriously in my institution when I found this software. I cannot be more grateful for the existence of Word Password Recovery as it solved my issue in a matter of seconds and prevented my life from going completely haywire.”
Jackson Smith
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“Absolutely love this software! I was able to remove my MS Word document password in seconds of a very important document. I would definitely recommend it to anyone having trouble accessing password protected Word documents.”
Brayden Thompson
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“Word Password Recovery is hands down the best Word password breaker software that I have had my hands on. Being someone who works as an auditor for high profile clients, I have to assure the security of my documents and password-protect them. Often times this results in me forgetting the passwords. This is the reason why I have tried many password recovery soft wares but this one is simply the best because of how easy it is to use and the fast results. Remember, time is money.”
Evan Adams
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“Great Word Password Recovery software. Has been my go-to software for years now. Very easy to use even for a middle-aged man like me with little to no knowledge about computers and technology, due to its step by step instructions and technological assistance. Technology really has come a long way.”
Lauren Anderson
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“This software was my only saving grace in a very tragic phase of my life. My husband was a man who liked to keep all his financial records to himself only. Unfortunately, he met an accident due to which he could not handle files normally like before. Afraid of the legal and judicial system in my country and the time it would take us to be able to recover all our assets, I tried all methods and combinations that I could think of to unlock the document but nothing worked. I finally tried this software after a friend’s recommendation and was super glad by how I was able to recover the document in the blink of an eye!”

How to Use Word Password Recovery

Using Word Password Recovery is fairly very simple due to its user-friendly features.

Step 1: To begin with the recovery process, you first need to install the software on your device, set it up and then run it. There you will see a toolbar present on the software window, click on the “open” option and select the Word document that you want to recover, importing it into the software.

hit Open to import encrypted word file to unlock

Step 2: After importing the file to your software, choose and adjust one of the 4 unique password recovery attack type options available to you, namely;

1) Dictionary attack: This is an attack type in which the algorithm of the system enters all possible combinations of the password in the form of every word in the dictionary.

2) Brute-force attack: An attack type that uses trial and error method to correctly guess the password.

3) Smart attack: Smart, as the name suggests is an attack method developed with advanced technologies, which tests all possible characteristics combinations including printable characteristics, till the right password is found.

4) Mask: Mask is an attack type that is very effective for partially remembered passwords. You can set a mask for the part of the password that you don’t remember.

Each has a different setup and helps with a different type of password, depending on its length, range, or dictionary. The length tab determines the minimum or maximum values of use in your password, the range tab shortlists the password options by determining the number of character sets used and the dictionary tab makes use of the words inside the dictionary to check if any of them is of use in the password.

Normal recovery is one example of this. This mode attempts passwords combinations possible from the range that you select. To use this mode, you first need to set parameters, such as the range, length, auto-save, etc.

set parameters to recover word file password Alt: step 2 visual.

Step 3: Once you are done with all these steps, just press the start option available on the toolbar, sit back, relax and wait for the magic to happen! Once the password has been recovered you can copy the password and use it on your Word file.

get back your word file password


Q1- Which versions of Microsoft Word are supported by Word Password Recovery?

Ans: This software can be installed and effectively used in Microsoft Word 1997, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows10(32 bit & 64 bit)

Q2- Will installing this software in my device compromise its security or the security of my data?

Ans: Word Password Recovery is 100% secure from any viruses or glitches and in no way compromises the security of your device or its data. It has a read-only access option and this prevents your data from being changed with in any way, guaranteeing 100% security of your document.

Q3- Do you need good knowledge about Microsoft windows to be able to use this document?

Ans: Not at all. This software is very user friendly with step by step instructions and complete assistance. In fact, it is not required for your device to even have Microsoft Windows installed, only the document that needs to be recovered is required.

Q4- Is it secure to purchase?

Ans: Yes. It is completely secure to purchase but only from our official website.

Get Word Password Recovery Now

Word Password Recovery is the best software available for all your quick fixes to a locked Word document without password. It offers complete assistance and guarantees password recovery. It is fast and 100% safe to use.