RAR Password Recovery

It is easy to get a password remover program just by searching online. But it doesn’t guarantee that you are getting the best or even a functioning software. So if you are searching for the best RAR password remover, here is the right one for you.

What is RAR Password Recovery?

RAR Password Recovery is small but an effective RAR password recovery software. It is a utility that specifically works with WINRAR or any other RAR type files.

The complexity of the password doesn’t matter; it uses a very effective algorithm that is capable of recovering the most complex password as fast as possible. As one of the most effective RAR password remover programs, it takes less time and provides guaranteed success.

Who Should Get A RAR Password Recovery

If you have a password protected WinRAR file but unable to remember the password, then you should use RAR Password Recovery. It is a password remover program, but it is capable of removing the password for only RAR files.

[No Data Loss] Recover RAR Password

RAR Password Recovery is the best one in its designated field. One of the main reasons is its no data loss password recovery method. Where most of the available WinRAR password remover programs are so brute that they unintentionally damage the RAR file itself, causing data loss or data corruption, RAR Password Recovery is different. It effective for sure, but its effectiveness doesn’t harm the file itself.   

[Fast] High-Speed Recover RAR File Passwords with Technique

It is a high-speed WinRAR password remover which employs 4 different techniques for the removal of the RAR password.

Very effective. Just need to select the method you want to use for the password recovery. After that, the program will optimize your system that is run by a multi-core CPU to increase the speed of recovery.  

[Highest Recovery Rate] Recover RAR Password in 4 Powerful Password Attacks

Depending on the length and complexity of the password, you are free to choose the most effective technique from 4 different type for faster recovery.

1. Brute Force Attack

This type of attack will try all the character combination there is within a specific range.

2. Brute-Force with Mask Attack

This attack type is only helpful if you remember the actual password partially.

3. Dictionary Attack

You can recover the lost password by trying all the password combinations within the built-in dictionary.

4. Smart Attack

This is the best attack mode. It tries all the possible character combinations, including printable characters.

[Easy] 3 Steps to Recover RAR Password

This RAR password cracker is very simple and convenient. After the installation, it is only a 3-step method that can be executed by even an amateur user within minutes.  

  • 1- Download and install the program.
  • 2- Then upload the locked RAR file.
  • 3- Choose an attack type, and the program will unlock the RAR file.

[100% Clean and Security]Safe to Use

Security is one of the biggest concerns for users. There are so many similar programs available on the internet; sadly, there are a few of them that are just fake.

Riddled with malware or just a scam. RAR Password Recovery is not the same; it is a safe program that will remove the password of your RAR file in the most secure way possible.

RAR Password Recovery Is Recommended by More Than 10,000 Users Worldwide

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I used it to unlock my project files. It was created by a colleague who put it in a WinRAR file. Unfortunately, I found that he locked it on my very first day. Thanks to my new office-mate Clark, I got to know about RAR Password Recovery.
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This software is one of the most effective password recovery programs I have ever used. I locked a few work presentations in a RAR file, but when the time came, I failed to remember the password. I would’ve gotten in trouble if not for it.
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Now, I got the Standard version to unlock my PPTs, which kept in a locked WinRAR achiever. I kept the files locked to keep them away from my roommate. Otherwise, he will steal my presentations, as usual. Unfortunately for me, I forgot the password. I thought that I would be in a lot of trouble, but thanks to this tool, I got them back within 5 minutes.
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I have to say, it works really fast. I have used quite a few different RAR password recovery programs in my time, but I am thinking of keeping this one. It is super-efficient.
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I had to get it for my kid. He is learning to use computer, and now he locked my Excel spreadsheet inside a RAR and locked it. Thanks to it, I didn’t have to get embarrassed in my office.

How to Use RAR Password Recovery

The RAR Password Recovery is a great and easy to use WinRAR password unlocker program.

It is designed for personal use only, and we have detailed the user-guide for this particular version below. Check it out.

Step 1: First, you need to download RAR Password Recovery. A free trial version is available, but it can only recover RAR password that contains no more than 3 characters.

Step 2: After that, complete the installation, and run the program.

Step 3: Then, click ‘Open’. Browse for the locked RAR file and import it. The locked file will appear inside the ‘Encrypted File’ box.

add the encrypted RAR file to unlock

Step 4: Now, you have to select the type of attack you are going to use for the recovery of the lost password. You need to click on the drop menu and select the type of attack. Here are the names for 4 different attack types;

Brute Force Method This method tries all the possible character combinations but within a specified range.

Brute-Force with Mask Method If you remember the parts of the actual password partially, then you can use this method to recover the password faster.

Dictionary Method Tries password combinations that are within the built-in dictionary.

Smart Method The most effective method of all. This method tries all the possible combination there is. There is no limit.

select an attack type to crack RAR file password

Step 5: After selecting the attack type, click on the ‘Start’ button below.

RAR password recovered

The program will start working immediately. After the password is recovered, it will be visible on the program panel.


1.What can RAR Password Recovery Easy to Operate?

A: Sure, RAR Password Recovery is easy to operate. It provides the simplest operating procedure that can be easily executed by any user.

2.What Is the Difference Between the Trial Version and the Complete Version of RAR Password Recovery?

A: The trial version is capable of recovering a password that contains no more than 3 characters. But the full version can recover all types of passwords, regardless of their size and complexity.

3.Is It fast?

A: It tries every possible password combination in order to figure out the actual password for the encrypted RAR file. The process sure sounds like time-consuming, but compared to other similar programs on the market, RAR Password Recovery sure seems to work pretty fast.

4.Is It Safe to Use?

A: Yes, of course. RAR Password Recovery is a safe password recovery software for RAR files. It is true that there are a few programs with similar capabilities known to damage the RAR files itself while removing the password. But let us assure you, it is completely different. It is safe and definitely not damage the file.

5.Will the Program Get Damaged If I Close it Abruptly?

A: Nothing will happen to the program. This program is equipped with auto-save function. Even if you close it abruptly, the program will restore the next time you run it.

Get RAR Password Recovery Now

RAR Password Recovery is a gem among RAR password recovery programs. Its operation is very easy in only a 3 step procedure that takes only 5 minutes to execute. Try it now.