PowerPoint Password Recovery

Whenever you need a PowerPoint password remover, the PowerPoint Password Recovery is the best choice for you.

What is PowerPoint Password Recovery?

It is conceivably the most powerful and professional software that can be found on the internet to recover the PowerPoint password. Its capability of removing any kind of password regardless of its length and complexity makes it the best PowerPoint password cracker software. No matter your password contains numbers, letters, or combination of both, PowerPoint Password Recovery can effectively remove them. It comprises outstanding password removing techniques that produce 100% satisfactory outcomes.

Who Should Get A PowerPoint Password Recovery?

Anyone who is looking for a quality PowerPoint password recovery tool to successfully recover Powerpoint password can get this software for ultimate results.

[High Compatibility] PowerPoint Password Recovery

It has amazing compatibility with all the versions of Microsoft PowerPoint including PowerPoint 97/2000/2003/2007 /2010/2013/2016/2019. The supportive file types for password recovery are *.ppt and *.pptx.

[Efficiency] Fast PowerPoint Password Recovery

Another feature that makes it the favorite PPT password remover is, it uses GPU acceleration that speeds up the recovery process a hundred times greater than the normal CPU speed. Also, the Smart Recovery Algorithm technique helps to boost the PowerPoint password recovery process.

[User-friendly] AutoSave in PowerPoint Password Recovery

To avoid any kind of accident during the password recovery process, PowerPoint Password Recovery auto-save the recovered data at every stage and if something bad occurs, it resumes from the last stage instead of initiating the whole process from the start. This proves that, as a PowerPoint password unlocker it has an extremely user-friendly nature.

[No Data Damage] Supports Read-only Access

Another important fact about PowerPoint Password Recovery is, it only supports read-only access to the locked PowerPoint file. So, get assured that no data loss will come during the password recovery process.

[Easy to Use] PowerPoint Password Recovery in 3 Steps

It is a very simple and easy to use PowerPoint password breaker tool.

  • 1 – Import the locked PowerPoint file
  • 2 – Choose the recovery method you want to adopt to recovery password
  • 3 – Initiate the recovery process and it will let you know when it is done

[Convenient] Provide 4 Powerful Attack Types

It is convenient for all kinds of passwords and allows users to select among four different but powerful attack types.

1. Normal

The Normal attack type is useful when you remember some attributes of the forgotten password, not the whole password. It allows you to use “length” and “range” traits to find the remaining part of that password.

2. Mask

The Mask method would be more suitable for you if you remember the password up to some extent. In this attack type, you enter that partially remembered part of the password no matter where does it lie in the password.

3. Dictionary

Instead of trying passwords one by one, you can use a Dictionary attack type that permits you to put all the expected passwords in a text document and it will implement all those passwords and let you know what is the exact password for that PowerPoint file.

4. Smart

The Smart attack type, a more versatile and enhanced form of Brute-force attack tries all possible combinations to retrieve your lost PowerPoint file password. It could take a little longer time compared to other methods.

PowerPoint Password Recovery Is Recommended by More Than 10,000 Users Worldwide

Adam Lucas
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The service I got from the PowerPoint Password Recovery was wonderful. It unlocked my PowerPoint file at a very reasonable price. Thank you.
Joshua Reti
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Very professional and easy to navigate. They just saved my whole business presentation from being lost.
Mike Hunter
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WOW! What an amazing job it did without touching my data. Wonderful service, 5 starssss.
Jimmy Theodore
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Overall my experience was perfectly normal. It really worked and came with awesome results.

How to Use PowerPoint Password Recovery

Let’s come to the main point and see how to use this PPT or PPTX password remover to remove the PowerPoint file password.

To freely use PowerPoint Password Recovery, you can download a trial version of this software. Once you’ve installed it, launch the software and you will see a very simple welcome screen in front of you.

Step 1: From that window, you are assumed to click on the “open” option to import the target PowerPoint file. Make sure you have selected the right file.

click open to import password protected PPT file

Step 2: After that, you need to choose a one yet right attack type to unlock your PowerPoint document. (You can read the above guide to decide what recovery attack type you should choose.)

It is recommended to use the “smart attack,” but not necessary. You can select a recovery type according to your desire and need.

It would be better to use the smart recovery method when you are confirmed the total numbers or characters of the password.

PowerPoint Password Recovery smart attack settings

Step 3: After choosing the right attack type, press the “start” button to initiate the unlocking process. Wait for the process to complete and it will yield the lost password in the end. From there, you can copy that password and enter it to unlock the PowerPoint file.

regain the PowerPoint locked file password


1.What is the difference between the trial version and the Paid version?

A: The trial version allows you to recover PowerPoint file password up to 4 characters for free. If your password contains more than 4 characters you would need to but the paid version to recover PowerPoint password.

2.What is the System requirement to run the software?

A: PowerPoint Password Recovery is a very light software and compatible with all brand operating systems. You can use it even you are running a computer with the lowest specifications.

3.How long did it take to recover?

A: Usually, the time required for password recovery depends on the complexity of the password. The more tricky the password, the more time needed to recover it. A simple password retrieval of up to 4 characters takes less than 5 minutes.

4.Is it safe?

A: PowerPoint Password Recovery assures that your data would be 100% safe and there wouldn’t be any kind of recording and changes made to your file. Also, the software supports the auto-save feature in the password recovery process.

5.Is there a free upgrade service after purchase?

A: Of course. All the upgrades after the software purchase are wholly free.

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