PDF Password Recovery

Are you using a PDF files format to save you information and forget the password? Here you will need this PDF password recovery tool to rescue your data.

What is PDF Password Recovery?

It is a PDF password remover software when your PDF files are secure of locked with the password. A PDF file can have an “owner” or “user” password as it prevents strangers from copying, selecting, viewing, editing and printing the files. It has the capability of removing, resetting, cracking the user or owner password effectively. It is effortless to use, and in two steps and within, you can have a PDF password reset. It can erase all the restriction without data damage if your PDF file protected with a password which forgot .

Who Should Get an PDF Password Recovery?

The document saved in Acrobat Reader has Portable Document Format, which is commonly known as “PDF” format. Most of the time, to protect our confidential documents, we use a PDF password, but seldom we forget it due to various circumstances. At this point of time, PDF Password Recovery can help. It is a tool which is use as PDF password unlocker, and it is for the people who have forgotten or lost their PDF file password and wants to recover it.

100% Remove PDF Password

PDF Password Recovery works on precomputed tables technology which makes this tool more effective to remove the password from PDF file. It is compatible with all the edition of Acrobat reader including Acrobat X and also with all third-party software in PDF format. It is compatible with all the versions of Windows OS right from Windows 2000 to Windows 10.

High PDF Password Recovery Speed

It is yet another essential feature of PDF Password Recovery that it recovers the PDF file password within seconds. Whether your password is short, long or complicated, it doesn’t matter, and it cracks the PDF password within a brief period as compared to other tools available in the market. And if your CPU has more cores, then the speed of PDF password recovery boosts more.

Smart Auto-Saving in Recovery

The Smart Auto-Saving during the recovery process is an essential and unique feature of it. With this feature, if your PDF password recovery process stops suddenly or accidentally, this tool will save the process automatically. And when you reboot your computer again, you can resume the PDF password recovery from the point you have stopped and not from the starting point.

[Powerful] Using 4 Password Recovery Attacks

It works on four types of attack, which makes this tool more efficient as PDF password cracker tool. It minimizes the time of recovering the password.

1. Brute-Force/Normal Attack

You have to set the probable length and range parameters of the password you have used in your PDF document. And as per the given information it will try all the password consolidations and give you the correct password. It is helpful when you don’t remember your PDF document password at all.

2. Mask Attack

Along with setting length and range parameter of the password you have set to the “Mask” parameter also. In Mask parameter just use “?” sign in place of a forgotten part of the password. This type of attack is highly recommended when you can recall the PDF document password partially.

3. Dictionary Attack

This type of attack works best when your PDF document password is a keyword, or it is very general. It recovers password with the help of the inbuilt dictionary or the dictionary the user provides to the tool. You can save the self-made dictionary in the tool by writing all the probable passwords in the notepad and supplying it to PDF Password Recovery.

4. Smart Attack

This type of attack is automatic, and it works smartly by trying all the password consolidations itself. You don’t require giving any kind of information to PDF Password Recovery if you use Smart attack. Since there is no information provided to the tool, this type of attack will take a longer time to recover your PDF password.

Easy to Use in 3 Steps

It has a straightforward graphical user interface, and it is a very straightforward tool. Thus even a person who is not technically sound can use this tool very easily.
  • 1- Choose the PDF file;
  • 2- Select the attack type;
  • 3- Click “Start” to recover the PDF file password.

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Daniel Kirsten
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The features of this tool are powerful and elementary. I genuinely appreciate the makers of it as I got rid of the PDF file password, which was very important for me. Thank you guys for making this tool!
Tim Quintero
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I tried many tools online for removing the PDF file password, but PDF Password Recovery works out to be the best for me as it is not confusing and runs smoothly. In future, I won't be using any other tool for removing PDF password, and thus I highly recommend this tool.
Otis Cobb
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I got a PDF Password Recovery one month back for recovering the passwords from some PDF files which I got from my client. My colleague suggests this tool, and to my surprise, it worked so quickly that I finished removing the password within a few minutes. I also appreciate the customer care team, who supported me a lot.
Alex Johnson
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This is a spectacular tool for removing the PDF passwords, and the best part of this software is its affordable and pocket-friendly price. Great work!

How to Use PDF Password Recovery

Step 1: On your computer, open your browser to download and open PDF Password Recovery.

Step 2: Select the PDF file for which you want to remove the password by click on the “Open” option and adding the PDF file. Once added, you will see the PDF in the “Encrypted File” option.

Click open and add pdf file to unlock

Step 3: Now opt for the “Type of Attack” option according to your situation for recovering the PDF file password.

Select Type of attack to remove pdf password

Brute-force attack: This method is useful; there is no clue of the password, and the password you are going to recover is short in length. After selecting this method, you have to mention the probable “Length” and “Range” of the PDF file password, as shown in the screenshot. Once you fill the range and length of the password PDF Password Recovery will work on different password combinations in the given range.

Set length parameter in pdf password recovery

Set Range parameter for unlocking pdf file

Mask attack: This method helps when you have a little bit of clue of the PDF file password. In this type of attack, you also have to type the “Range” and “Length” parameter of the password as you have done in Brute-Force attack. However, you have to enter the detail of the password in the “Mask” field also wherein you have to enter the forgotten part of the password by “?” sign. This method works very fast in recovering your PDF file password.

Set Mask parameter to crack pdf file

Dictionary attack: If you have used a password which is general and collective, then you may use this type of attack. PDF Password Recovery comes with a built-in dictionary wherein thousands of commonly used password is saved. Based on this principle, it recovers your PDF file password. You can also save your dictionary in the tool by writing and saving all the possible password combination in the notepad.

Select Dictionary in PDF password breaker

Smart attack: As the name suggests this type of attack is smart and automatic for recovering the PDF file password. You do not have to give any information to the tool if you use this type of attack. Just select “Smart” option, and everything will do by the tool itself.

Step 4: After selecting the attack type, you have to click on the “Start” option, and then it will start recovering your PDF password. Once the process finishes, you will find the PDF password in the pop-up window. You just need to write down the password and open your PDF file with it.

Click “Start” button to recover PDF password.

PDF file Password recovered


Q1. What versions of PDF and Windows do PDF Password Recovery support?

A: PDF Password Recovery is compatible with all the editions of Acrobat Reader and other PDF software also. It supports all the versions of Windows operating system like Windows 10/8/7Vista/XP/2016/2012/2008/2003/2000.

Q2. What is the difference between PDF Password Recovery trail version and Standard version?

A: The trial version of PDF Password Recovery neither remove the password for PDF document above 3 characters, nor it guarantees the technical help. On the other hand, Standard version gives 100% guarantee to recover the password from PDF file.

Q3. What happens if my computer shuts down accidentally while using PDF Password Recovery?

A: If your computer shuts down accidentally and at the same time you are recovering the PDF password using this PDF password breaker, then there is a feature in it which automatically saves it. So, when you reboot your computer, you can resume the process of recovering the PDF password from where you have left.

Q4. Is PDF Password Recovery safe to use?

A: PDF Password Recovery is very safe to use, and it is free from any sought of viruses, malware, Trojan, adware, etc. Thus, it doesn't harm or leak your data, files, documents anywhere. Its safety of use approves by Norton and McAfee; therefore, it becomes more trusted. Moreover, it doesn't leak your personal information to anyone as it protected by SSL technology.

Q5. Does PDF Password Recovery work?

A: PDF Password Recovery recovers PDF file password works 100% of times that means it always removes the PDF file password, whether it is complex or lengthy. The success rate of this tool is high because it works on four types of attack called normal attack, Mask attack, Dictionary attack and Smart attack.

Get PDF Password Recovery Now

Whatever your PDF file is saved in any edition of Acrobat Reader, PDF Password Recovery will recovery forgotten password in a pretty easy and effective safe way.