Office Password Recovery

If you really want to open encrypted or locked office files but don’t remember the password. Use office password recovery tool to solve your problem.

What is Office Password Recovery?

It is a powerful and advanced Office Password unlocker tool which helps to recover office downloaded files which are password protected or Microsoft office files for which the user has lost or forgotten the password of. It is an essential tool that is built to recover password for the Office files of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Access, which is a complete Microsoft Office password reset toolkit that recovers and supports Microsoft office version from 97 to 2019 and also recovers passwords for Office 365.

Who Should Get A Office Password Recovery?

This Office password cracker can be useful for every user who uses Microsoft Office to encrypt the files and also for the users who want to recover the password for the Office document they downloaded online. The Office Password Recovery is comprehensive and a user-friendly tool that can be installed on all Windows platforms on 32 bit or 64-bit processors. As it is a complete Office recovery package it gives. So, whether you want a password unlocked for Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, or Excel, Office Password Recovery is the tool you should have.

[High Compatibility] Recover Office Password

It provides high compatibility by retrieving the passwords from the forgotten or lost Microsoft Office files such as Word .dox, Excel .xsl, PPT, Access, and Outlook. Support all Microsoft Office versions which includes 97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019.

[Highest Speed] Fast Office Password Recovery

The Office Password Recovery is compatible with NVIDIA Cuda and AMD OpenCL GPU and Intel AMD SSE3/SSE4/AVX acceleration instructions and technology which will speed up the password recovery time with respect to the computers having standard GPU. Plus built-in Smart Recovery Algorithm which helps in increasing the password recovery rate even more.

[User-friendly] Auto-Saving in Recovery

Comes with the built-in Auto-saving recovery mode. With Auto-saving mode the user can resume his progress from a similar state from where his recovery progress was interrupted. So, without any worrying about getting scheduled shutdown or any other problem that intertwined during the recovery process.

[No Data Damage] Supports Read-only Access

Use this office password breaker, you do not have to worry about any data damage or harm. With the read-only access mode, your data will be in safe hands while recovering the password for Office files.  

[Easy to Use] Office Password Recovery in 3 Steps

The Office Password Recovery is really easy to use and is very simple to recover office passwords of the encrypted files. After easy installation, you just need to import your encrypted Office file, then choose the attack type and the lastly hit the start button and wait while the software does his magic.

[Time-Saving] Provide 4 Attack Types

It has all essential built-in attack techniques that help in swift password recovery of the office files. There are four powerful attack types from which you can choose to recover your Microsoft office files.

1. Normal Recovery Attack

The most common and most preferable recovery type . This attack-type recovers the password by trying all combinations of letters and characters by the defined range. It is best for short passwords as the user has to define the Range and length of the password which helps the tool to speed up the process of recovering the password.

2. Mask Recovery Attack

If you remembers some of the passwords then this is this type is suitable for you. You can set the mask parameter with letter, character, or number that he remembers from the password. And also use the Range and length feature to set the password’s length. This process then boosts up by trying all the combinations given in the parameters.

3. Dictionary Recovery Attack

it will try to check for the office file password from the words containing in its dedicated dictionary file. It doesn’t need any parameters to set but rather have to select the dictionary file from the directory. Add or remove words from the dictionary, and create you own dictionary file as a particular dictionary to search a password from.

4. Smart Recovery Attack

It is the only reliable method that the user can choose if the user does not have any clue about the password. It uses the default parameters to break the password if the password is not found then it will try all the combinations on letters, characters, numbers or even printable characters until it cracks the password.

Office Password Recovery Is Recommended by More Than 10,000 Users Worldwide

Monica Gonzalez
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I have been searching for an office password recovery solution and the web guided me to this tool. I am so thankful for the Office Password Recovery tool that it helped me get back into the word file that I was writing. The software’s interface is so easy to understand that it just guided me to resolve my problem. Now I can easily resume my work and never worry about losing it again.
John Saxon
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I downloaded some MS Excel files which were password protected. The given passwords with files were not useful and the distributer was not responding. There are so many office password unlocker tools available online which I used some are useless or either take too much time with no result. Then I finally bumped into this tool and boom! It recovered the passwords in seconds, glad that it supports GPU acceleration that boosted my recovery. Thank you.
Marcus Alonso
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I had a presentation on the next day before I lost my password for the PowerPoint slides I made for the meeting. After all the work put in I was devastated and surely not going to make another presentation so I jumped for a solution. Luckily, I found this software online and I can’t be more pleased as it helped me save time by using the mask recovery method option. I am thankful for the best Microsoft office password reset tool out there.
Jessica Lawrence
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This office password recovery tool works like magic! so quick so reliable to use. I was so worried to use the software as these may harm the data. I maintain an important Excel spreadsheet and unfortunately, I lost my password for the file, I accidentally turned off my PC while the software was recovering my file. I was anxious for my mistake but was astonished to see that the software resumed my password recovery process thanks to its auto-save feature. I am so happy that I was brave enough to use this amazing tool.

Part 6. How to Use Office Password Recovery

This part has the complete stepwise guide which will walk you through the detailed steps to use the Office Password Recovery.

Step 1: On your PC Download and Install Office Password Recovery.

Download and starts to install the Office Password Recovery on your System. Remember that the Standard version will limit the password length.

Step 2: Import the Encrypted Office file for Recovery

After completing the installation, open up the software and you will see a Windows popping up.

From the Office Password Recovery Windows, click on the Open icon to add the Microsoft Office file (supports all versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access files).

Select password protected office file to open

You can see under the “Encrypted File” option that you have imported a password-protected Office file.

Step 3: Select Recovery Type and Set Specific Settings

Now, you have to choose a recovery type from the Recovery Type dropdown menu, choosing from its four attack types.

1)If you select Normal range from the menu then you have to set Range and Length parameters which remember. The Normal recovery method will then try all the combinations in the given range and length of the forgotten password. The software tool is highly optimized and you can get a short length password recovered just in seconds.

Set Range and Normal Length in Office Password Recovery

2)If you choose the Mask Recovery type then you must know something about your password which you are uncertain about. In the Range tab, you must enter the part of the password that you know in the Mask field. This recovery type can recover faster than others and can save you time.

Choose Mask type to crack office file password

3)If you select the Dictionary recovery type then you must rely on the built-in dictionary or self-made dictionary file. This method will preselect the built-in dictionary as you can see in the dictionary tab. But if you want to use your own dictionary then you can select the dictionary file by clicking on the “Select Dictionary” button. This recovery type will search for the password from the words inside the dictionary file.

Select Dictionary type to open office file

4)If you select the Smart Recovery then you don’t have to set any parameters as the Smart Recovery will run all the combinations to retrieve the password.

Step 4: Start the Password Recovering Process

Now select your preferred Recovery type and click on the “Start” button to start the password recovering process. This will now perform several tests and combinations to retrieve the encrypted password.

Office Password Recovered

After the Recovery process is finished a window will pop up indicating that the password has been recovered. Just click on the “Copy” button to save the password and then open up the encrypted file that has been recovered to unlock.

You can see the Microsoft office password reset process just took minutes to recover the password but it might take more than that as the recovery rate depends on the complexity and on the computer specs as well.


  • 1.How Long it will take to recover the Password of the Office document?
  • A.The recovery rate of the office document password depends on the computer specs and performance, office document version, and highly depends on the password recovery settings. You can choose from the four main attack types, smart, normal, dictionary, and mask attack to enhance the recovery speed.
  • 2.What versions does it support of Microsoft Office?
  • A.The Office Password Recovery is the most efficient and most updated Office password recovery tool available online as it uses the most advanced technology to unlock the most complex passwords of the Microsoft Office file. It supports Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access) 97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016 and 2019.
  • 3.Is Smart Recovery a Fast method?
  • A.The Smart Recovery method uses Smart Algorithm which is classified into several categories to recover the office Password. The Smart recovery process will first look into the dictionary and if the password is not in the dictionary then it will try a combination of all characters, letters, and even printable characters until it finds the password. So, in this case, the Smart recovery will be fast.
  • 4.What is GPU acceleration and how it helps for faster password recovery?
  • A.GPU is short for (Graphic Processing Unit) which is a (processor unit) graphical hardware component integrated into the CPU to deal with the computer’s graphical operations with the help of the graphics card module. This office password cracker is compatible to work with the powerful acceleration technologies like NVIDIA Cuda, AMD OpenCL, and Intel ISSE3/SSE4/AVX, which will help to speed up the software’s recovery rate than any other low-end graphics card on your computer. So, if you have a high-end GPU integrated with you can enjoy even faster Office password recovery rate at the same price.
  • 5.Will I lose my recovery progress if I accidentally close the Office Password Recovery tool?
  • A.The built-in feature of Auto-Save in Office Password Recovery allows the tool to keep the recovery record of the process. So if you accidentally close the application or your computer shutdown somehow, you do not have to worry as the password recovery process automatically saves the progress so the user can resume the progress from the last state. This feature helps you to shorten the recovery time.
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