iTunes Password Recovery

Whenever you lose data of your iPhone, iPod or iPad, then iTunes backup is used to recover your data. However sometimes we forget iTunes password. Use this iTunes Password Recovery to reset password easily.

What is iTunes Password Recovery?

It is the No. 1 tool for iTunes backup password recovery. It is compatible with all Apple Devices, and has an easy user interface. It has four attack types which help you to recover iTunes backup password in different situations. It is very prompt, and iTunes encrypted backup password recovery can be possible in a few seconds. Overall, this tool is the perfect choice if you want to recover iTunes backup password as if it provides the maximum benefit within an affordable price range. It can install in a Windows operating system with a file size of 3.72 MB only.

Who should get an iTunes Password Recovery?

iPhone has got pretty decent market share all over the world, and almost all the users use iTunes, especially for backing up their data and files. Sometimes to protect their data and files users of iTunes use passwords. But what to do when you forgot iTunes password? Here comes the role of iTunes Password Recovery. It is an easy iTunes backup password recovery tool and for the people who forgets their iTunes backup password.

High Compatibility and Applicability

The compatibility is very comprehensive, and it can be installed and used in Windows computers. It supports the latest iTunes 12 edition and also the oldest iTunes versions. It is applicable and supports the newest iPhone 11 to iPhone 4 models, iPad 5 to iPad Mini Retina models and iPod Touch models. As far as the platform is a concern, it supports all the iOS platform right from iOS 13 to iOS 7.

Fastest iTunes backup password Recovery Speed

The speed to recover iTunes backup password by it is very fast as it works on four attack types. Moreover, as it supports multi-core CPU and GPU, the speed to recover the iTunes backup password is accelerated more. If you are using iOS 10 version, then it can recover the iTunes backup password in one second although it can crack the iTunes backup password for all iOS versions within a few seconds.

Risk-free to iTunes Backup Data

iTunes Password Recovery is 100% safe and clean to use. This tool does not have any viruses, malware, Trojan, spyware, adware, etc. Your personal information is also protected as it runs on SSL technology. It approves by Norton antivirus and McAfee antivirus, and thus it is the safe iTunes backup password recovery tool.

High Successful Rate with 4 Attack Types

The fourth major characteristic of iTunes Password Recovery is that it works with four different types of attack.

1. Brute-Force Attack

Choose it when you don’t have any idea of the iTunes backup password. When you use this type of attack, you have to set the range and length of the iTunes backup password.

2. Mask Attack

 Select it when you have little bit idea of the iTunes backup password and then set the “Mask” option accordingly. You can set it by writing the known part as it is and the unknown part by “?” sign.

3. Dictionary Attack

If your iTunes backup password is frequent or regular, then you can go with this type of attack.

4. Smart Attack

If you don’t have any idea of the range or length of the iTunes backup password then you may select this type of attack as it will not ask any supporting details of the password and recovers your password automatically.

Easy to Use in Simple 3 Steps

It has a straightforward Graphical User Interface. Even a person who is not technically sound can use this tool with great ease. It works in three easy steps for iPhone backup password recovery.

S1: You first have to import iTunes backup to the tool;

S2: Then you have to select the appropriate attack method;

S3: Finally you can recover the iTunes backup password.

The best thing is that you don’t lose even a single bit of data while recovering the iTunes backup password.

iTunes Password Recovery Is Recommended by More Than 10,000 Users Worldwide

Andrea Gold
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I have lost my iPhone and bought a new one, but to my surprise when I tried to access my iTunes for the backup, it asked for the password. I searched on the internet for the ways to bypass that, and I found iTunes Password Recovery. I immediately downloaded it, and it worked, and I got rid of my iTunes backup password". Thanks for the fantastic tool that I have got.
Paul John
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One of my friends puts down a password on iTunes, and when he needed it, he forgot that. I helped him and suggested iTunes Password Recovery as it worked for me earlier. His experience was also great like me; the best part of this tool is that it is elementary to use and straightforward tool for him as he is not technically strong.
Ian Bell
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What attracted me to use iTunes Password Recovery is the price. I have checked lots of tools as I forgot my iTunes backup password, but all are not in my pocket except this tool. Thanks for giving such wonderful and pocket-friendly software.
Rachael D Souza
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I will suggest this mind-blowing tool called iTunes Password Recovery to my friends and family whenever they face the same issue as I have encountered. I got in trouble when I forgot my iTunes backup password as it has my memories stored in it, but my uncle suggested me to use this tool and then I took a breather of relief as I recovered my iTunes password".iTunes Password Recovery not only recovered by password within a few minutes but to my surprise I have not lost a single bit of data". I am thankful to the people who made this tool.
Peter Bolt
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This is Easy to use and great software.

How to Use iTunes Password Recovery

Step 1: Download and open the tool in your computer.

Step 2: Click “Open” option and wait for a moment as iTunes Password Recovery will detect the iTunes backup file. Now you have to choose the iTunes backup file of your iPhone for which you want to recover the password and then click on “OK” option.

Select file and click OK in iTunes Password Recovery

Step 3: Now choose the attack type according to the situation and fill the options.

Choose attack type to reset iTunes backup password

Brute Force attack– When you don’t have any idea of your iTunes backup password then this type of attack is selected. You just have to choose the possible length and range of the password, and later this type of attack will try all permutations and combinations within the range you have provided. The shorter the iTunes backup password, the lesser time it will take to recover it.

Use Brute-Force Attack to recover iTunes password

Mask attack– When you have little bit idea of the iTunes backup password then you may use this type of attack. In Mask attack, you have to set the length and range of the password like in brute-force attack, but here you have to set the “Mask” field also. Setting “Mask” field will make your iTunes backup password recovery process faster. For example, if your password is of 3 characters and starts with “6”. Then in Mask field, you have to write “6??” and proceed.

Use Mask Attack in iTunes encrypted backup password recovery

Dictionary Attack– In this type of attack, iTunes Password Recovery uses a built-in dictionary to crack the iTunes backup password. A user can also provide a dictionary to the tool, and it can be done by writing all the possible passwords in the notepad which could be used by users. There are thousands of combinations of passwords in the dictionary which matches the iTunes backup password and finally recovers it.

iTunes Password Recovery Dictionary Attack

Smart Attack– As the name suggests this type of attack works automatically to recover the iTunes backup password. It tries all the possible combinations of the iTunes backup password and displays it.

Step 4: After selecting the attack type you have to click on “Start” option and iTunes Password Recovery will start the process of recovering your iTunes backup password. After a moment a pop-up window will appear with a password displayed on it.

iTunes backup password recovered

Now you can use the displayed password to open iTunes backup.


Q1. Do iTunes Password Recovery supports all versions of Windows operating system?

A: Yes, iTunes Password Recovery supports all edition/versions of Windows operating system right from Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2003/XP.

Q2. How good is iTunes Password Recovery and does it work?

A: iTunes Password Recovery works on information retrieval algorithms and numerical algorithm, and it recovers iTunes backup password using four types of attack named Normal attack, Dictionary attack, Mask attack and Smart attack. Thus, the password recovery rate of iTunes backup password recovery is very high, and it stood at 99%.

Q3. Which models of iPhone, iPad and iPod do iTunes Password Recovery supports?

A: iTunes Password Recovery supports all models of iPhone right from iPhone 11 to iPhone 4. As far as the iPad consider, it supports iPad Mini Retina/Air 2/ Air/Mini 4/Mini 2/5/4/3/2 and iPod touch.

Q4. Is iTunes Password Recovery Free?

A: It comes in two versions called Pro and Trial. Trail version of iTunes Password Recovery is free but it not load will all the features, and it can recover the iTunes backup password if it is of three characters. Pro version is a paid version and you will find all the features in it. Moreover, you can recover any length of iTunes backup password with it.

Get iTunes Password Recovery Now

You may lost or forgot the iTunes backup password due to many reasons. Use iTunes Password Recovery, you can restore your password in an highly efficient and safe way now.