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Are you looking for the absolutely perfect Excel Password Remover program? There couldn't be a better option than Excel Password Recovery. It provides excel password reset easily and fast which won’t harm you important business information.

What is Excel Password Recovery?

It is the most reliable and efficient Excel Password Recovery tool. Especially with multiprocessor computers, it uses GPU acceleration to increase the password recovery speed amazingly fast. That’s the reason Excel Password Recovery is considered as the fastest Excel password breaker tool. In addition to that, it works with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

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Who Should Get A Excel Password Recovery?

Do you need to unlock a password-protected Excel file urgently and don’t know the password? Do you need an excel sheet password remover software? Do you want to remove read-only access from the Excel file?  You definitely needed Excel Password Recovery.

So, whoever wants to break Excel file password, should get one because it is by far the best option they could have in hand.

Unlock Passwords to Remove Restrictions

Excel Password Recovery is capable to remove restrictions from locked Excel 97/2000/2003/2007/2010/2013/2016/2019 xls and xlsx documents in a streamlined and coherent way.

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Fast Recover all Types of Passwords

This is one of those features who makes the Excel Password Recovery best among all other excel password breaker software. It uses multiple smart recovery algorithms that use GPU acceleration to make the recovery process so fast.

Read-only Access to Excel file

It put the locked Excel file into Read-only access mode in order to make sure that nothing happened to data while recovering the password. It won’t do any damages on your file data.

Highest Recovery Rate

It is one of the handiest software that comes with the highest recovery rate and would be a wise choice if you want a steady Excel password recovery.

Safe to Use

It can be trusted and counted on to reset excel password. It guarantees data safety and only works to unlock the Excel file instead of looking into the information.

4 Powerful Password Recovery Types

The capability that makes it is different and efficient Excel password recovery software from other xlsx/xls password remover tools is, it uses 4 types of powerful password recovery practices.

1. Normal

This method is most commonly used whenever we need to reset an excel password. It provides the “length” and “range” feature where we can set some known facts about the lost password.

2. Mask

Mask technique is more likely to “normal” yet powerful and efficient than it. It could be efficient when you remember the password up to some extent and from whom letter or number it starts or ends.

3. Dictionary

The Dictionary method allows you to create a text file with multiple passwords who you think probably would contain the one that can open the locked file but don’t want to waste time on putting them again and again. It also provide default dictionary to hack excel password.

4. Smart

The smart recovery method can be considered as the more advanced version of a brute-force attack. It in this method, we can set a minimum and maximum range of the password length and it performs a smart search based on this information.

Simple 3 Steps to Recover Excel Password

Take three simple steps to recover excel password. Those three steps are listed right below.

  • 1- Install the software, click on “Open” to choose the file.
  • 2- Select the attacking methodand measurements according to it.
  • 3- Press the “Start” button to perform an excel password reset.

Excel Password Recovery Is Recommended by More Than 10,000 Users Worldwide

Allen Williams
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I was desperately looking for an excel password reset tool to unlock an excel file whose password I forgot a year ago. Thankful to Excel Password Recovery who made it easy and unlocked the file within a few clicks.
George Harper
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Overall, easy to use and comes with clear instructions. Did the excel file unlocking job in an efficient way. I would definitely recommend.
Jack Carter
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I tried many recovery software but couldn’t get what I wanted and then I found this software by some means. The results are WOW. Though the last step took a bit much time, it worked. Very happy with the results.
Andy Lincoln
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All thanks to my friend who advised me of this software and then to the Excel Password Recovery tool who helped me to unlock an important business file. It unlocked my excel file without hampering and damaging data inside it.
Eleanor Wyatt
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Not fast as described yet efficient as I read. It would be a better choice to reset an excel password as compared to those who were failed to unlock my file.

How to Use Excel Password Recovery

Install Excel Password Recovery on your computer and double click to open the software.

Step 1. From the main screen, you are supposed to choose the “Open” option in order to import the locked Excel file from your computer to unlock.

Step 2. Choose the recovery method/attack that you want to use to reset the excel file password. To do that, click on the dropdown menu and choose one of them that best suits your situation.

For example, let’s proceed with the “Mask” method. Choose the recovery type from the dropdown and set the password range.

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After choosing it, select attributes (range and length) to make the password recovery process faster.

Now, time to implement the mask technique. Enter the credentials that you remember about the password and then type the question mark for the remaining numbers or characters.

Step 3. After making sure all the measurements are done, click on the “Start” button from the main menu. It will start unlocking your excel file and when the password reset is done, a screen will appear containing the lost password.

From there, you can simply copy the password and unlock your locked XLS or XLSX file.

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1.What is Excel Password Recovery? Does it really work?

A:It is a powerful and the fastest Excel password remover program, which can reset excel sheets passwords. Yes, it absolutely works and produces desired outcomes.

2.How long takes to reset excel password?

A:Generally, it completely depends on the password length and complexity. The more lengthy and complex is the password, the more time it will consume.

3.Is it safe to use an excel password breaker?

A:Excel Password Recovery is perfectly safe to use and no harm comes to data while recovering the excel password.

4.Which method to choose to reset an excel file password?

A:Generally, the “normal” method is enough to solve the problem, however, you can pick any of the recovery methods depending on your requirements.

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